ACLU: non-profit legal and advocacy group defending civil rights

Black Lives Matter: an international human rights movement that campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards Black people

Black Visions Collective: an organization that develops Minnesota’s emerging Black leadership

Bail Project: provides free bail assistance to low-income individuals who are legally presumed innocent

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund: provides bail assistance to presumptively innocent New Yorkers and challenges wealth-based detention

Color of Change: nonprofit civil rights advocacy organization

National Bail Out:: organization working to end systems of pretrial detention and mass incarceration

NAACP: civil rights organization that works towards ensuring all individuals have equal rights without racial discrimination

Reclaim the Block: Minneapolis community that organizes to move money from the police department into other areas of the city


Register to Vote

Ballotpedia: non-profit digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections

National Conference of State Legislatures: bipartisan research on public policy issues facing state governments


Black Owned Restaurants in Brooklyn - compiled by Rachel Karten

Black Owned Restaurants in LA - compiled by Kat Hong

Black Owned Bookstores - compiled by Chelsea Kravitz


Justice for George Floyd

Justice for Breonna Taylor:

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Justice for Tony McDade

Defund the Police


Text “Justice” to 668366: This demands that all four cops involved in Floyd’s death should be charged with murder and held fully accountable

Text “Floyd” to 55156: This links you to Color of Change’s petition, which will send a letter to District Attorney Michael Freeman demanding the arrest and murder charge of the four officers. 


The End of Policing, by Alex S. Vitale, free ebook

Patia’s Fantasy World Master List of Resources on How to Dismantle Systemic Racism

Anti-racism Packet by Jasmine Mitchell

Advocacy Toolkit for Safe and Effective Policing

Obama Foundation Anguish and Action