T H E - B R A N D

JEX Studio features a collection of totemic, ethically produced jewelry featuring mesmerizing gemstones that are responsibly sourced during our travels throughout the world. All items are slow-made in limited quantities, with the utmost quality and care at our little studio of treasures in London's historic jewelry district - Hatton Garden.

T H E - D E S I G N E R

Founded in 2008 JEX Studio is a line designed by Canadian Prairie born - London, UK based goldsmith, designer & wanderluster Amanda Jex. The JEX aesthetic is informed by Amanda’s extensive world travels spent studying traditional craft throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe, Central & South America. Amanda has honed her skills working in studios near and far - from spaces nestled between the pristine Rocky Mountains of Banff, Alberta, to those amongst the bustling West Coast beauty of Vancouver, BC and along the vibrant street art filled laneways of Melbourne, Australia. Beyond an unquenchable wanderlust, she draws her inspiration from the figurative relationships between ancient relics, spiritual practices & symbolic anthropology.

O U R - M I S S I O N

JEX Studio strives to create pieces that are beautiful, modern and unique while retaining a focus on social and environmental consciousness. Throughout all of Amanda’s designs she works to maintain a connection to organics and traditional techniques - preferring to work primarily with the ancient lost wax casting method. JEX Studio utilizes locally sourced natural materials, sustainable reclaimed metals, hand worked raw semi-precious stones and artifacts found throughout our adventures abroad.

O U R - V I S I O N

The pieces, simultaneously feminine and architectural, minimal and finely detailed, familiar and modern - are meant to evoke a sense of adventure, to be worn and interpreted by the wearer. Artifacts worn as a personal talisman or canvas upon which the person who wears it can project their own personality, style and emotive qualities. Pieces for the wanderlust in all of us.

O N E - O F - A - K I N D

In addition to releasing new ready to wear collections yearly, Amanda is constantly working on different bespoke pieces. Private clients have hailed from all over the world; most notably from USA, Australia, Europe, Canada and Asia.

Please email us with questions, comments and wholesale inquiries at info@hellojex.com