The STELLA Organic Band is individually hand carved in wax before being cast into solid bronze in the JEX Studio. This process ensures every ring is absolutely one of a kind, no two are identical.

The bronze is sealed with renaissance paste, they will never permanently lose their colour, and can easily be polished back to a bright golden tone.

Choose between a thick or a thin band, upper or lower knuckle. We also have sets of one upper & one lower available for an easy addition to any collection.

* Making each piece by hand means they each have very slight differences between them. I feel that this character makes each even more special as they are truly one of a kind just like the wearer.

Carefully wrapped with tissue and packaged in a 100% recycled (and recyclable) pulp paper box that is embossed with our Jex Studio logo - polishing cloth included.
Perfect for gift giving!

Shipped within 1-2 standard business weeks (mon-fri).

JEX Studio