Resonate Earring



verb: produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound. Evoke images, memories, and emotions. To see or use a tuning fork in your dream suggests that you are "in tune" with your conscious or your instinct, the shape of which influences this piece.

These large golden earrings are formed by me in my small East London Studio. Carefully pierced and sawed, complete with 18kt gold plated surgical steel ear wires. These show stoppers are sure to make you feel confident as they garner many compliments and are made with the utmost care.

Carefully packaged in a recycled (and recyclable) pulp paper box, embossed with our Jex Studio logo.
Perfect for gift giving!

All of our pieces are made by hand in London, UK. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery pending clearance at Customs.