Devi Signet Ring


The Devi Signet Ring features a classic signet band that is hand carved in wax by me in my small East London studio, I then cast the wax model into re-purposed sterling silver & polish the ring to a soft glow-y finish. The large sterling silver bezel is set with your choice of ethically sourced Mexican turquoise, Labradorite, synthetic Azurite or Moonstone.
Available in ladies sizes 5 - 8, this piece can also be worn as a mens pinky ring.
Also available in 9k gold.

Stone info:

- Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in man's history, the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. It is a stone of protection, strong and opaque, yet soothing to the touch, healing to the eye, as if carved from an azure heaven and slipped to earth. Turquoise is considered sacred in its adornment and for power, luck, and protection.

- Labradorite is a stone of transformation. This is a stone that is believed to help one become the person that they are destined to be. It may cleanse the aura and work with the chakras to remove bad habits, negative thoughts, and feelings that are preventing the wearer from reaching ones full potential. As an added bonus, it may also maintain our baseline energy level, preventing people who overwork from becoming utterly depleted.

- Azurite is considered a very potent psychic stone and it is shrouded in mystery. It was called the Stone of Heaven by the ancient Greeks and Romans because of its healing powers. For the Mayans, Azurite inspired the mystical self and facilitated the transfer of wisdom and knowledge via thought, while Native Americans used this sacred stone to contact their spiritual guides.

* Making each piece by hand with natural stones, means they each have very slight differences between them. I feel that this character makes each even more special as they are truly one of a kind just like the wearer.

Carefully wrapped with tissue and packaged in a 100% recycled (and recyclable) pulp paper box that is embossed with our Jex Studio logo - polishing cloth included.
Perfect for gift giving!

Shipped within 1-2 standard business weeks (mon-fri).

JEX Studio