“Born beneath the endless prairie skies of Alberta, Canada and currently based in London, UK; Amanda Jex is a world traveller and a jewelry designer whose work is characterized by sustainability and the belief that pictures may be worth a thousand words, but wearing a memory is priceless.”

R O A M + R E M A I N

- The R & R Collection is inspired by past and future travels to far away lands; with references gathered from around the globe. Comprised mainly of fair trade beads, gems & items found during my extensive travels throughout Oceania, South America, Europe, India, Japan & Southeast Asia. This collection utilizes traditional techniques and signifies a life long love affair with the unknown. “An individual is not just wearing a piece of jewelry; what they have in their possession is a fragment of a journey; a story that needs to be told.” ~ RTG Blog -

F L O R A + F A U N A

- Taking inspiration from my Aboriginal Canadian heritage and the wonderful decadence found in nature, the F L O R A / F A U N A Collection reflects upon traditional dance, spirituality, sacred rituals & deep rooted ceremonies paying respect to mother earth. An undeniable sense of accountability; our connection to nature and a love of wearability and sustainability have really inspired this collection. A portion of all sales go towards benefiting environmental organizations such as The Shark Trust. -

S P A C E + T I M E

- Reflection upon lucid dreamscapes, symbology, tribal, prismatic color and music occurs when conceptualizing designs for this collection. With a focus on colorful, graphic and finely detailed elements; sacred geometry found in nature, symmetry, spikes & stones are heavily present, translating into a youthful, tough-love aesthetic. -

B A R B E R + C O A D

- The idea of dialectics has in many ways served as the foundational idea for BARBER/COAD. Not only is this collection a symbolic representation of this synthesis between opposition, but inspiration is also consciously being drawn from the convergent sides of my own familial heritage. Barber and Coad are respectively the maiden names of each of my Grandmothers – two women who have been crucial in determining my identity as a woman and designer. In many ways, I view myself as a synthesis, the intersecting point of two infinitely outstretching familial lines, each fatefully converging to ignite my creative inclinations. -